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Non-Commercial Aircraft

Are Non-Commercial Aircrafts taxed?

Yes, all non-commercial aircraft are assessed and taxed each year on January 1 (Revenue & Taxation 5301). Some aircraft of historical significance are eligible for exemption.

How are Non-Commercial Aircrafts taxed?

Each year you will receive an Aircraft Property Statement, which is used to aid the Assessor in determining value. These statements are mailed prior to January 1 and should be mailed back by April 1.

The Assessor uses the retail market data to determine the value of the aircraft, although some minor adjustments may be made based on information of condition, you should provide that information in the Aircraft Property Statement.

If you would like to request for value review after the enrollment date, you MUST submit it in writing with substantiating documentation. IF there is a sale, destruction, or removal of an aircraft after the January 1st lien date, you are still responsible for the tax liability for the coming fiscal year.

How do I determine the site of my aircraft?

Non-Commercial aircrafts are valued at the site where they are regularly located, even if that site is not where the aircraft is registered (R&T 5362).

If your aircraft has spent a considerable amount of time outside of California, we will apportion the tax to eliminate the time spent outside of California.

If your aircraft has spent most of its time outside of California, we only assess it for the time it has spent in California, at the airport where it spent most of its time.


The information requested by the Assessor about your property will be held confidentially and cannot be accessed by the public except as provided in Revenue & Taxation Code 408 (R&T 451).

Contact Information

Additional information regarding aircraft assessments may be obtained by contacting the Business Personal Property Division of the Assessor's office at (951) 955-6210.

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