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Are Boats/Vessels taxed?

Yes, all property is taxed unless exempt by law (Article XIII Taxation, Section 14).; this includes: boats, vessels, and jet skis.

If you own a boat in Riverside County on the lien date (January 1 of each year), you are responsible for the full property tax bill, even if you sell the boat after January 1. Registration fees are collected separately by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Boats/Vessels with a value of less than $5,000 will not be assessed.

What if my boat is moored in a different county?

Your boat will be assessed in the county, city, or district in which it is moored or habitually stored (more than 6 months); you should register your boat at the DMV in that same jurisdiction.

You must provide proof of the boat’s storage if it is in a different area than which you live. Proof could include docking receipts or property tax bills from another jurisdiction.

When will my boat be assessed?

Upon the discovery of your boat/vessel, the Assessor will mail you a “Notice of Vessel Assessment.” This notice will contain the assessed value of the boat and other general information.

What if my boat is assessed at a higher value than it’s actually worth?

If your boat is in less than average condition (beyond normal wear), you must submit proof which includes pictures, repair bills, or anything documenting damage.

If marine market guides are being used to support a lower value, they must be within 90 days of the lien date (January 1).

Contact Information

If you would like more property-tax bill information, please call the County Tax Collector's 24-hour, automated information line or visit their website.

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