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What We Do

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About the Assessor 

By law, the Assessor must locate all taxable property in the county, identify the owners, and describe the property. 

  • The Assessor must determine a value for all taxable property and apply all legal exemptions and exclusions. 
  • The Assessor must complete an assessment roll showing the assessed values for all property and maintain records of the above. 
  • The Assessor does not set tax amounts or collect taxes. 
About the County Clerk

The County Clerk Provides the Following Services:

  • Files fictitious business name statements.
  • Files statements of abandonment of use of fictitious business name.
  • Files withdrawal from partnership operating under a fictitious business name.
  • Issues public marriage licenses.
  • Issues confidential marriage licenses.
  • Performs civil marriage ceremonies (by appointment only).
  • Provides certified copies of confidential marriage licenses (with proper identification).
  • Registers notary public oaths and commissions.
  • Authenticates notary public signatures.
  • Registers process servers, unlawful detainer assistants, professional photocopiers, & legal document assistants.
  • Receives negative declarations, notices of determination, and notices of exemption.
  • Receives admitted surety insurer statements.
  • Files surety insurer powers of attorney.
  • Maintains roster of elected and appointed county officials.
  • Files Grand Jury final reports. 
About the Recorder

The recorder's office is responsible for providing constructive notice of private acts and creating and maintaining custody of permanent records for all documents filed and recorded in Riverside County. 

In addition to providing public access to information regarding land and land ownership, the recorder's office is also the local registrar of marriages and maintains copies of all certificates of marriage, births and deaths which occur in Riverside County.

The official records are open for public inspection and copies may be purchased from any recorder's office location. 

Documents to be recorded may be mailed to: 
Riverside County Recorder 
P.O. Box 751 
Riverside, CA 92502-0751 

Or couriered to: 
Riverside County Recorder 
2724 Gateway Drive 
Riverside, CA 92507