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Tax Relief and Exemptions

Note: California Constitution article XIII, section 1 states that, unless otherwise provided by the California Constitution or by the laws of the United States, all property is taxable. Referenced below are links to exemptions that may be filed with our office.

Agricultural Preserve Information

Encouraging property owners to continue the agricultural use of their land instead of converting it to nonagricultural uses.

Decline in value- Proposition 8

General information about Proposition 8 including a video that covers the basics.

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Information on an exemption Disabled Veterans may be eligible for.

Disaster Relief

To qualify for property tax relief after a disaster, file an Application for Reassessment within 12 months of the disaster.

Eminent Domain

Information about property taken by eminent domain and how to file a Claim for Base Year Value Transfer.

Homeowners Exemption

Information about the Homeowners' Exemption including the Claim for Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption application

Institutional Exemption

Find the form to file for an institutional exemption by a church, cemetery, school, library, museum or other nonprofit organizations.

Parent to Child & Grandparents to Grandchild Exclusion

Get more information or apply online for a Parent to Child Exclusion or Grandparent to Grandchild Exclusion on reappraisals.

Tax Savings for Seniors

Information on Propositions 19, 60/90 and 110 that provide protections for senior property owners.

Welfare Exemption

Information on the Claim for Organizational Clearance Certificate and the Welfare Exemption First Time Filing claim form.