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Recording Services

Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates

Obtain a copy of birth, death or marriage certificates. Two types are available: certified or informational.

Obtaining Record Copies
(Deeds, Liens, etc.)

Obtain copies of recorded documents (official records) online, in person or via mail. Two types are available: regular and certified.

Change of Ownership & Transfers of Real Property

Information about transfers of real property or change of ownership.

Document Recording Services

The County Recorder, upon payment of proper fees and taxes, will accept any document which is authorized or required by law to be recorded.

Homestead Declaration

If you own a home, this program may protect your home equity from judgments, liens, and creditors.

Recording Requirements

Information about the general requirements that documents presented for recording must comply with.

Restrictive Covenant Modification

Information about recording a Restrictive Covenant Modification, removing unlawful discriminatory covenants from property documents.

Recorder Fees

View the fee schedule for Riverside County Recorder fees.

Recording Fee Calculator

Use our calculator to determine recording fees before you send your document in for recording.

Records Index Search

Official records search with online fee-based copy service.