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Real Estate Fraud

Courtesy Notice

Beginning September 1, 2011, our office began issuing Courtesy Notices when a deed, deed of trust or similar document was recorded.  This notice alerts homeowners to recent recording transactions regarding their property.  If the property owner is fully aware of the transaction nothing further needs to be done.  However, if the homeowner is unaware of any recent recordings they are encouraged to contact the County of Riverside District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit. For more information please click on the link: Courtesy Notice.

Foreclosure and Loan Modification Advisory Letter

Beginning September 1, 2013, this office will issue a Foreclosure and Loan Modification Advisory Letter within 30 days of a Notice of Default being recorded.  The letter will alert homeowners to be wary of foreclosure and loan modification solicitations.  It will also provide Free resources for those who need assistance managing the foreclosure process. For more information please click on the link: Foreclosure and Loan Modification Advisory Letter