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Process Server

What is a Professional Process Server? A professional process server is an individual who makes more than ten (10) services of process in a calendar year for compensation.                                                                                                             
What are the Registration Requirements?
To register as a process server in Riverside County, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Residency Requirement: At the time of filing, you MUST have been a resident of California for more than one year.
  • Filing Location: To register in Riverside County, you MUST reside in or have a business whose primary location is in the county. 
  • Live Scan: New registrants and renewals after expiration MUST submit Live Scan.
  • No Felony Convictions: If you have been previously convicted of a felony, you MUST submit a certified copy of your Certificate of Rehabilitation, Expungement, or Pardon. 
  • Fees: Pay the Process Server filing fee of $208.00, if you have a one-page bond. If your bond is more than one page, there is an additional fee of $3.00 per page for the extra pages. 
  • Photo: Your photo for your Process Server identification card will be taken at the County Clerk's office during the time of registration. 
  • Partnerships and Corporations: If registering as a Partnership or Corporation, ALL partners or corporate officers MUST be listed on the registration application and each person MUST submit fingerprints whether they intend to serve papers or not. 
  • Bond: You MUST submit a bond bound to the County of Riverside in the amount of $2,000.00 and a term of two years. The bond must have a term beginning date and show the expiration date of the bond or show the term of the bond is two years. If your bonding company does not have an Attorney-In-Fact filed with the County of Riverside, you must include an Attorney-In-Fact with your bond. 
Where may I complete my Registration? 

We complete Professional Process Server registrations at our Riverside-Gateway and Palm Desert locations. Eligibility Requirements

How to Register as a Professional Process Server
  1. Get a Live Scan.
  2. Obtain a bond
  3. Complete an application
  4. Schedule an Appointment to complete your registration (Recommended)
    • Bring to your appointment
      • Photo ID
      • Bond
      • Payment
    • If filing as a partnership or corporation, only one (1) partner or corporate officer needs to come into the office
    • Payment