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Term/Word/Phrase Definition
Abandonment of Homestead Recorded to terminate a homestead interest in property.
Abstract of Judgment A summary of the essentials of a court judgment. Creates a lien on all real property presently owner or after-acquired by the judgment debtor.
Assignment of Rents An instrument that assigns rents or profits from one party to another. Generally gives the beneficiary the right to collect rents of the secured property in the event of default.
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions A declaration that describes the restrictive limitations which have been places on a property.
Declaration of Homestead A declaration that provides a limited statutory protection of real property, used as a home, from the claim of certain creditors.
Decree of Distribution A decision by the court regarding the distribution of real property from the estate of a deceased person.
Deed - Grant and/or Quitclaim A written instrument by which a person transfers ownership of real property to another.
Deed of Reconveyance An instrument used to transfer title from a trustee to the equitable owner of real estate when title is held as collateral security for a debt. Commonly used upon payment in full of a trust deed.
Deed of Trust An instrument securing a debt in which a debtor conveys the legal ownership of real property to a trustee to be held in trust for the benefit of the creditor or to be sold upon the debtor's default to pay the debt.
Easement A grant that entitles the holder to a specific limited use or enjoyment of property, such as the right to cross the land.
Judgment A formal decision or determination by the court on a specific matter.
Lease A contract by which the owner of property conveys exclusive possession, control, use, or enjoyment or property for a specified rent and a specified term.
Lien An encumbrance against property for the satisfaction of debt.
Lis Pendens A legal notice indicating that litigation is pending. Gives notice that anyone acquiring an interest in the property described subsequent to the date of the notice may be bound by the outcome of the litigation.
Mechanics Lien A lien that secures priority of payment for the price or value of work performed and materials furnished in the construction or repair of improvements to land.
Notice of Completion A notice indicating that a construction job is finished. It reduces the time frame in which a mechanics lien may be filed.
Notice of Default A notice filed to show that the borrower under a mortgage or deed of trust is in default.
Notice of Recission A notice that rescinds a notice of default of a mortgage deed of trust.
Notice of Trustee's Sale An instrument specifying the details of a future foreclosure sale which will be conducted by the trustee under a deed of trust.
Power of Attorney An instrument containing an authorization for one to act as an agent of another. Terminates upon revocation by the principal or upon death of the principal or agent.
Release An instrument releasing property from a lien or an obligation.
Request for Notice of Default A request that a person desires written notice of the recording of a Notice of Default under a Deed of Trust or the scheduling of a trustee's sale.
Subordination Agreement An agreement by which a prior or superior encumbrance is made inferior or subject to a junior encumbrance.
Substitution of Trustee A document used to change the trustee under a deed of trust.
Tax Lien - County, State, Federal A lien by a government agency for nonpayment of taxes. Attaches to all real property presently owned or after-acquired by the taxpayer.
Trustee's Deed A deed by a trustee under a deed of trust, issued to a purchased at auction, pursuant to a foreclosure.
Uniform Commercial Code Financing Agreement Statement A statement that contains information about a security interest in collateral used to secure a debt.