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Assessment Appeals - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What type of assessments can be appealed?

You may file an assessment appeal for different types of assessments such as regular assessments, supplemental assessments, roll changes, escapes, calamity reassessments, and penalty assessments. The reasons to file an appeal may be because of, but not limited to, a decline in value, a change in ownership, incorrect classification or allocation of value between land and improvement, new construction, calamity, business personal property, penalty, or audit reassessments. 

How do I file an appeal?

The assessment appeals process is administered by the Clerk of the Board. To file for an assessment appeal, you must timely complete an Assessment Appeal Application (form BOE-305-AH). The form may be obtained by contacting the Riverside County Clerk of the Board or by visiting their website. There is also an option to file for an assessment appeal online by visiting the Clerk of the Board’s website.

Who may file an assessment appeal?

The application may be filed by the property owner, owner’s spouse, owner’s parent or child, or any other person affected. An application may also be filed by an agent authorized by the property owner.

When do I file an appeal?

Each type of appeal may have a different application window.  For regular assessments, the typical application window to file would be from July 2nd to November 30th. For supplemental and escape assessments, it is within 60 days from the mailing date or the postmark date of the notice. For other specific deadlines contact the Clerk of the Board, Assessment Appeals Division.

Do I need to pay my property tax bill if an assessment appeal is filed?

Yes. Depending on the number of applications filed for any given year, the Clerk of the Board may not be able to schedule your hearing and/or decide on your case before property taxes are due. You should pay all property tax bills timely to avoid liens. If there are reductions to your property taxes resulting from the appeal, overpayments will be refunded.