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2021-2022 Assessment Roll

Riverside County Press Release:

Riverside County tax roll grows as economy rebounds from COVID
Strong demand for real estate led to a nearly 6% increase in assessed values in Riverside County going into 2021, according to Riverside County's Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder.

Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Peter Aldana announced today that the total taxable value of all property in Riverside County for the current year great to $338 billion, an $18 billion increase. The year's tax roll -- a list of all taxable property, its owner, and its value as of Jan. 1 -- will generate roughly $3.3 billion for local government services.

"We all were concerned about the impact of COVID on assessed values," Aldana said, "but the economy has rebounded quickly, and the strength and growth of the real estate market are reflections of that recovery. I also must give credit to the tremendous team effort that closed the assessment roll on time during this difficult year. Everyone put in long and hard hours, but the results for the County are worth it."

Please click here to view the full press release.